Some of your most anticipated questions answered!.

SoftTalk messenger is available for iOS and Android users for free. SoftTalk works on most smartphones and devices. On Android we support from version 5.0 and on iOS we support from version 8.0

While SoftTalk to SoftTalk is usually Free, there may be a need to call to mobile and landline globally. Premium call enables you to call those not on SoftTalk for a super low rate cost.. To start using Call-out simply Add fund to your wallet to start calling the world cheap.

Currently, we offer monthly free subscription to all users to call specific destination as required. As against other service, we do not charge for this offer. You simply get monthly credit to call mobile and landline in supported destinations. We will continue to add more countries as they become available. To subscribe, simply go to " Settings > Free Monthly Calls" and locate free packages. Tap to subscribe to any available packages of your choice. There is no limit as to the number of packages that you can join. Our idea, is to enable you stay in contact with your loved ones, even when they are not connected to the internet. Isn't that awesome?. We ask that you respect our fair usage policy and let SoftTalk become an app that will service the need of all.

Yes, all your messages are encrypted making sure that only the recipient of a messgae is able to descrypte same. Encryption algorithms are RSA-2048 and C4+. above all we do not store your messages on our servers. Your transmitted messages are on your local drive (mobile device) ensuring you and you alone have access to your data and not even any of our employees can have access to your data. We do not sell or share your data to any third party; Your private information WON’T be divulged or used by SoftTalk under any circumstances. (SoftTalk accesses Contacts only for finding and auto-matching your SoftTalk friends. We won’t store or retain any Contacts data; We save temporary your offline messages, and once delivered to your contact, we erase same from our system; We offer you access to set a password for your account when you join.

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