About SoftTalk Messenger

In August 2018, at EKO hotels in Lagos, Simple Azenabor the Founder/CEO, (SoftTalk Communication Ltd) who also doubled as the Founder / CEO Prime Time Telecoms in Japan introduced SoftTalk Messenger before a group of Nigerian bloggers, journalist, government, celebrities and stakeholders, demonstrating a BETA version of the App. The vision was loud and clear! "Our own App" by African, for Africans and the World

SoftTalk Messenger is an indigenous messaging application, which enables users to chat, make free audio and video calls, as well as provide an opportunity for users to buy/sell their products and services via the embeded "Marketplace". It also offers free monthly subscriptions to call both mobile and landline to some destinations in the world.(The other party do not need to be connected to the internet

There is no doubt that Nigerians and indeed Africans are hungry for a new technology and need something different that can be called our “own” Beyond this, Nigerians are still paying high premium for low quality products and services, and in some cases non-existent after-sales support, a known problem that SoftTalk Messenger is trying to solve and thereby open doors to job creation.

SoftTalk Messenger uses standard encryption algorithms: RSA-2048, RC4+) ensuring communications are completely encrypted so that only you and the people you’re talking to can read or hear them. SoftTalk policy guarantees that, no personal communication is stored on our servers.